Monty Python : Me, Doctor

Cut to a man on a bench in casualty ward set.
Man     Albatross
    Doctor and sister enter and go up to him.
Doctor     Mr. Burtenshaw?
Man     Me, Doctor?
Doctor     No, me doctor, you Mr. Burtenshaw.
Man     My wife, doctor?
Doctor     No, your wife patient, me Doctor.
Sister     Come this way please.
Man     Me, Sister?
Doctor     No. She Sister. Me Doctor. You Mr. Burtenshaw.
    Nurse enters.
Nurse     Doctor Walters?
Doctor     Me, Nurse. (to sister) You Mr. Burtenshaw. (to man) She Sister. You Doctor. (to nurse)
Nurse     No, doctor.
Doctor     No Doctor? Call ambulance. Keep warm.
Sister     Drink, doctor?
Doctor     Drink doctor. Eat Sister. Cook Mr. Burtenshaw. Nurse me.
Nurse     You, doctor?
Doctor     Me Doctor. You Mr. Burtenshaw. She Nurse.
Man     But my wife, Nurse.
Doctor     Your wife not nurse. She Nurse. Your wife patient. Be patient. She Nurse. Your wife. Me doctor. Yew Tree. U-trecht. U-trillo, U Thant, Euphemism. Me Doctor. (knight walks in quickly and hits him over the head with a chicken) Albatross!

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